three rings

then again, we could
the phone burrrrrrs off the rest and
I burn off the rest of the daylong shadows with a match
we could be lovers, i suppose, but what for, really?

for fun,
for conversations about penguins
                         and sharing meals
i smile.
i  wonder if he would say that if i were a fat cook
with a patio
and no thyme ~  and i laugh while i tip on my chair

we could be lovers without fun, or friends without
why waste both by being greedy? – i ask
i would never ask you to choose, never promise, never lie

surely saying never is a kind of promise,
let’s say nothing and lay in the dark

then again
don’t say love, don’t say love, don’t say love

why are you afraid of  love ~ love is lovely? 
love is strong,
                       not snap.brittle,
                       not prinkling and shardish,it bounces,                  like a vinegar egg.

but look at you.  you are in so much pain and all for love, all of it, for love.

Shh, so very little to do with love, so very tiny and nothing
ob lei gaysh un 
that is all.  and bricks.   Yes.  it is rather a lot about bricks and 

you are small, come here, come and watch television and I will make you toast and draw eights on your arm with the teaspoon handle.  I will hold your feet and watch your face while you think about things and i will listen to you.  come here 
i have to go now
to the river
i have stones to swallow
i will see you soon

snipping foil with scissors is so very satisfying, so sharp.clean and perfectly blunting and i
  breathe and
  breathe and
  breathe . still . hearing the sea in the reciever, my breath soporific on return
{amongst the escape- the retreat of wordmemories; he shouts about the car and i crumple inside ~ for the differences balanceon a cottonthread on an eyelash and now, now again i am crying like a bruise, like an apple bruise and shaking so badly, and it’s all about the car}

~ by Beeskiffle on March 14, 2008.

11 Responses to “three rings”

  1. I was blown away with the last version but this is cleaner and has more smiling and distance? maybe, less confronting but still as powerful, like one ring out from the last one maybe, a neater timeline but still containing an everything possible of a something and so on, ie awestruck, left babbling nonsense in the wake of your writing/magic/wondrousebbyishnessperfectionwords,

  2. ((((((((((((((hug))))))))))))))))))))

  3. How each piece you write is better than the last astonishes me, particularly in this case. I don’t know a sufficiently strong adjective to leave…….

  4. thank you, jo

  5. This is amazing.
    If I wasn’t human too it might seem nonsensical, but this is what we are and what we do.
    I love your skill with dialogue.

    It’s upsetting to read but still wonderful.
    Sorry this isn’t a very good review.

  6. visiting by way of gingatao. will be back for more. great stuff.

  7. i dont comment here much, as to be honest i feel overawed by the words that are here….and words from me dont seem to be able to adequetly describe the dancing, painful beauty in your writing.

  8. these are so wonderfully beautiful.

  9. love your voice and your use of white space here and in other places

    masterful revision clarifies the voices, the content the conflict

    how do you indent on a wp blog anyway??

  10. Artpredator,
    If you look closely you will see that I have used full stops to make my gaps. I find wordpress formatting frustrating as to me the spaces say more than the words themselves.
    Thank you for reading my nonsense. Bee

  11. Thats an all round amazingly written blog!!

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