That you have crumbled to a sharp-edged dust
that rasps my ageing skin
at every move
is a gut-churning relief.
Everything goes bad
kissed prince.

Before, you lurked,
fat and cold,
a clasping clammy clot of blinking slime
oozing through lie-lined veins
choking me drowning me.

I am crumbled down dust,
mica mixed and nameless
in this safe, unquenchable wilderness,
once swamped
by your love.









~ by Beeskiffle on January 30, 2012.

3 Responses to “Desert”

  1. A lot of feeling here,

  2. i felt this deep in my stomach, it kicked and knotted me……… uniquely powerful & beautifully written

  3. there’s almost triumph here in this wrestling between life and death … gorgeous agonising, either way …

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