amicable. adj. characterized by friendliness and absence of discord.  ORIGIN (in the sense of pleasant) from late L. amicus ‘friend’

an amicable seper ashun

friend. n. 1 a person with whom one has had a bond of mutual affection, typically one exclusive of sexual or family relations. > used in polite address to an aquaintance or stranger. 2 a familiar or helpful thing.  ORIGIN OE freond of gmc origin; rel to FREE

i need the freedom to  b r e a t h e
                             to  moneyworry
to lay stiff-as-a-board in my bed

and laugh HA HA HA like a
         HA HA HA     with blotchy skin
                              and a painted-on smile like blossom too early
                              dashed to asphalt by pounding rain
to mush, to mush!


in this pyrrhic silence
i am a tambourine
still for now




~ by Beeskiffle on April 28, 2008.

12 Responses to “antipoetry”

  1. You are a genius of the language, Ebby. In the slightest movement in your words there is greatness, your poetry, or antipoetry or whatever has always been the hardest for me to comment on, no matter what I say there is more and beyond in your work. It belongs in the canon of English Literature. I’m not kidding, or schmoozing, or trying to make you feel better, this is my honest opinion, you are the finest living poet I have ever read by miles, in fact having written that I am trying to think of a nonliving I could honestly say was better and I can’t. You are the greatest poet I have ever read, your work goes beyond language, your ability to contain and release so much energy with such precision and clarity, the completeness of your craft and the mystical transcendant nature of your art absolutely stuns and amazes me. You are a genius, the only one I have ever met.

  2. You must get published my lovely, and let everyone share in your beautiful ability. Ditto all the above, and once again I am lost for words….. something not easily achieved!!!! xxx

  3. you are the finest living poet I have ever read by miles

    I seem to be making this a habit, but I second what Paul said above. (It’s not my fault he’s right so often! 🙂 )

    This is truly unique, exceptional, profound, magical poetry. Most by you, in fact, and I pity that I am not able to take out the time to read out more of it and more regularly. every time I come to this blog, I go away with an awe-struck feeling when you see something you never thought possible. And yet in its sight, it seems so normal that you feel absurd for having ever thought it to be impossible.

    If I were a rich man, I would have given you some big reward for your finely polished skill with words, but for now, I can only afford words for appraisal! 🙂

  4. for now.


  5. Yes, he’s right, you are astonishingly gifted, the ending of this communicates something so far beyond anything, it is a genuine case of transcendent, one of the few I’ve read, even in the most talented of hands words don’t dance like they do for you.

  6. It just came out like that, it’s accidental, really.
    Thank-you though, very much.

  7. i agree with everyone else. your style is too cool. 🙂

  8. I am surprised to see I didn’t comment here before. This is wonderful.

  9. incredible, you reached inside yourself
    & found this w/o preamble – honest ,
    and beautiful

  10. I keep checking back, to see what’s new. How are you?

  11. I agree with Rick who is a champion human in many ways. A sign that everything is still happening in some way would be a wonderful thing,

  12. And so Paul leads me to you… and I am in awe of your unique and creative gift. Thank you for posting your work.

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